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Imprimante 3D Kingroon KLP1 CoreXY 3D Printer – Klipper Firmware Installed. Fast print, CoreXY, Print volume 210x210x210mm

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This 3D printer is a fast-print-speed CoreXY 3D printer with Klipper firmware and a protective enclosure. With Klipper firmware features, Kingroon KLP1 let people print at high speed and with great quality.

· All-in-one Klipper Mainboard

The KLP1 has a powerful mainboard with Klipper firmware installed. No Raspberry Pi is required.

· 350mm/s High-Speed Print

High-quality print with less waiting time. Kingroon KLP1 has 350mm/s high-speed printing & 10000mm/s² acceleration. The built-in ADXL345 module ensures you high-quality print under fast print speed with active vibration compensation. 

· Linear Rail Guides & CoreXY Structure

Kingroon KLP1 is a CoreXY 3D Printer with linear guides, which makes the printer accurate, fast, and durable during fast movement.

· 5:1 Gear Ratio

5:1 Gear Ratio, all metal, 8000 ring 5015 fan, smart micro processors, the new extruder means powerful extrusion and better cooling system.

· Easy Access with Multi Interface Options


With the Internet connection, any screen can be your printer screen, you can control Kingroon KLP1 anyhow, anytime and anywhere.

· Auto Bed Leveling

The auto bed leveling comes to Kingroon KLP1, with its new bed structure, it’s fully ABL.

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Table header 0KLP1 3D Printer SpecificationsTable header 2Table header 3
TechnologyFDMMax Speed of Tool Head≤500mm/s
Print Volume210*210*210mmMax Print Speed≤350mm/s
Machine Size400*420*420mmRecommend Print Speed200mm-350mm/s
Packaging Size422*492*472mmFirmwareKlipper
Net Weight15.72kgFilament Diameter1.75mm
Languages16 languages
(English/ Čeština /简体中文/繁體中文/Deutsch/ Español /Français /Italiano/Magyar/Nederlands/Portugues/Русский язык/
Українська Мова/한국어/ اللغة العربية /日本語)
Supported FilamentPLA, PETG, TPU, ABS, Wood, etc.
Print ViaWeb/USB driveFeeder SystemDirect Extruder
Machine Power240WPrint BedHeated bed with PEI Sheet
Input Voltage110V-220VPower Supply24V12.5A, 300W 
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    • Bonjour Loic. Oui un code s’affiche normalement quand vous cliquez sur Acheter sur Kingroon. Si ce n’est pas le cas, c’est surement un AdBlock qu’il faut désactiver 😉 Prix final actuellement avec le code, 324$. Bonne soirée

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