Sculpfun SF-A9 40W + Honeycomb

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879,00 € 1301,07 € ACHETER SUR TOMTOP

Sculpfun SF-A9 40W Laser Engraver with Automatic Air Assist and 400x400mm Honeycomb Working Table Board 36000mm/min High Speed Ultra-fine Laser Spot Adjustable 0.1mm/0.15mm Precise Positioning Support USB/BT/WiFi Connection Safety Protection in Temperature Alarm Function 400x400mm Working Area Suitable for Dark Acrylic/Cardboard/Brushed Stainless Steel

🔝 40W Powerful Laser: SF-A9 adopts the 40W laser head with a strong cutting ability, and supports the 40W/20W laser power switching, which can cut 20mm plywood and 6mm dark acrylic at one pass time. It uses the heat pipe radiator to provide a faster and more balanced heat dissipation performance.
🔝 Safety conservation Design: Built with a tilt sensor, it will set off an alarm and stop emitting the laser light while the machine body is off-balance and tilts over 15°. It is also equipped with the functions of emergency stop and child safety lock switches, flame and temperature sensors. When it detects the flames during the working process, the flame and temperature sensors will be triggered and the machine will stop working with an alarm while automatically moves to the safest location. 
🔝 36000mm/min High Speed: The SF-A9 laser engraving machine supports the high speed engraving mode with a faster working speed of up to 36000mm/min as well as a stable machine body to bring a perfect engraving effect. And it supports precision mode to cut more accurately for a better components’ assembly. 
🔝 Precise Focusing Design: Designed with a most precise focusing, the focus lever on the laser head is stable that enables the focusing position more accurate. The red knob on the right side of the laser is to raise or lower the laser module for the quick height positioning according to the material’s thickness, and the knob on the top of the laser is for the precise adjustment.
🔝 Sturdy and Easy Installation: Full metal structure design makes the machine robust. The levelling structure of the metal support pillar and the industrial-grade linear guide rail of the X-axis provide more stability to the machine, which increases the engraving motion accuracy to 0.01mm. Y-axis utilizes adaptive wheels to provide a more smooth motion. Easy installation in one step to complete the entire assembly.
🔝 Adjustable Machine Height: The Sculpfun SF-A9 comes with the additional metal support pillars that can adjust the height of the machine to facilitate the engraving of higher objects, meeting a variety of working needs.
🔝 Multiple Connection Methods: Supports WiFi, USB and BT function. It can be compatible with the Sculpfun mobile phone APP or the computer software like LightBurn and LaserGRBL.
🔝 Automatic Air Assist: Upgraded large inner diameter air pipe with a better air channel design that can present a cleaner cutting effect and improve the service life of the laser lens.

Necessary Accessories for Laser Cutting: With this accessory to cut wood, acrylic and other materials, the edges of the wood are neat and clean, not easy to be yellowed by smoke, and you can get a clean cutting work. 400x400mm working area is suitable for most popular laser engraving machines, maximize the cutting area.
Observable Design: When the laser cuts through wood or acrylic, the metal plate at the bottom of the honeycomb will emit a bright light, which means that the cutting has penetrated. Easier to judge whether cutting through. You don’t need to calculate the number of cuts, just keep repeating cutting until the bottom glows, which means the material has been cut through.
Safe Metal Desktop conservation Board: All made of metal, processed by high-precision CNC, solid structure not easy to deform, and high flatness. And equipped with a metal desktop conservation board, which can protect the table from laser damage.
Square Measuring Ruler: X-axis and Y-axis contain precise scale lines to form a right-angle measuring ruler, which is convenient for you to measure the size of cutting objects quickly.
Wide Compatibility: Compatible with various mature laser engraving machines, such as diode DIY laser engraving machine and CO2 laser engraving machine.

Product Model: Sculpfun SF-A9
Flame Alarm: 60℃ trigger
Tilt Sensor: 15° trigger
BT: 4.2
Wavelength: 450nm±5nm
Working Area: 400*400mm
Laser Module Power: 40W
Laser Spot: Adjustable:0.1mm/0.15mm
Working Speed:MAX.36000mm/min
Working Voltage: DC24V
Working Current: 10A
Input Power: 240W
Support System: Win7/Win8/Win10/Win11/MAC/IOS/Android/Linux
Material for Engraving:Cardboard, MDF, Felt, Cardboard, Wood, Bamboo, Leather, Fabric, Dark Acrylic, Brushed Stainless Steel, Dark Anodized Aluminum, Painted Metal, etc
Material for Cutting: Cardboard, MDF, Felt, Cardboard, Wood, Bamboo, Leather, Fabric, Dark Acrylic, etc.

Operation Application Software:
Computer: LightBurn/LaserGRBL
Mobile Phone: Sculpfun APP

Model:SCULPFUN honeycomb panel 
Material: High-strength Steel
Product Size: 400x400mm
Product Thickness: 22mm
Diameter of Honeycomb Mesh: 9mm

Packing List:
1 x Laser Machine
1 x Laser Head
1 x Adapter
1 x Power Cable
4 x Metal Support Pillar
4 x Spare Metal Support Pillar
1 x Data Cable
1 x Air Pump
1 x Goggles
1 x Lens Repair Kit
1 x Tool Set
1 x Cable Tie Pack
1 x Antenna Pack
1 x Screw Kit
1 x Aluminium Plate
2 x Basswood Board
2 x Key

1 x Honeycomb panel
1 x 400x400mm metal desktop conservation board

●Because of the powerful laser, it is forbidden to run the engraving machine unattended. Please pause it if you’re not around.
●Please refer to the user manual for detailed machine instructions and parameter settings.
●When operating the laser engraving machine, please wear goggles.
●Do not touch the laser with your hands, or it may burn your hands.
●Please avoid strong impact on the machine.
●Children under 14 are not allowed to use this product and children over 14 need adult supervision.
●Do not apply the laser directly to any specular reflective objects as this may cause injury to the operator or burn the laser.

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