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Scanner 3D Revopoint RANGE, Big Scans, Big Detail. Plateau tournant et batterie externe Précision de 0,1 mm Vitesse de numérisation 18 fps Mode de numérisation fixe ou mobile. Capture de texture

L’histoire de REVOPOINT

We’re back and ready to introduce our brand new Revopoint RANGE, the world’s first affordable large objects scanner with a single capture range of 360mm x 650 mm@600mm. As many of you already know, Revopoint is no stranger to Kickstarters. With over 17,000 backers and more than $8.2 million raised from three successful Kickstarter campaigns for the POP, POP 2, and MINI 3D Scanners.

Founded in 2014, Revopoint’s dream is to make 3D scanning accessible to everyone by drastically lowering costs and the learning curve to mastering 3D scanning. We’re able to do this because, unlike other 3D scanner manufacturers, we’ve created our own 3D scanner technologies, such as the projector, lenses, and computing chips, meaning we’re not reliant on high-cost third parties to develop and manufacture our hardware.


The RANGE’s powerful new infrared light projector more than doubles its scanning distance to up to 800mm[1] while retaining an impressive single-frame precision of up to 0.1mm. Making the RANGE a powerful tool for scanning large objects like cars, furniture, and industrial parts. It even makes scanning a human body in just one scan possible.

Many thanks to our beta users for sharing these scans.

Level up your ability to deliver impressive interior design customization by scanning furniture, fittings, or even whole rooms and creating full-color vivid 3D models for use in interior design software like DreamPlan or MagicPlan.

Always ensure custom pieces will fit your car with the RANGE’s fast and accurate scanning. Previously building custom parts like a wide body kit would take tens of hours and countless trials and errors to create pieces that fit. But with the RANGE, you can quickly capture and measure the exact dimensions even when scanning complicated geometric surfaces.

Restoration and preservation of large statues, historical artifacts, and antique furniture have never been easier with the RANGE. Its handheld scanning mode, lightweight, and compatibility with iOS and Android devices make it a portable, versatile tool capable of capturing large artworks without needing to move or touch them.

Simplify the creation of human 3D models for video games, AR, and VR applications with the whole body and head scan done in under two minutes[2]. Easily 3D print a near-lifelike miniature model for a truly unique gift or wedding cake topper.

Efficiently scan cars, furniture, people, and many more large objects. Because the RANGE’s new powerful infrared projection system with brighter and higher resolution structured light has a working distance between 300mm to 800mm with a single capture range of 360mm x 650mm @600mm.

With a scanning speed of 12 to 18 frames per second, you can move the RANGE naturally and smoothly around the object you’re scanning. And the integration of a self-developed chip and new advanced algorithms allows for even smoother frame stitching for increased scanning efficiency. See your model take shape in real time as the RANGE outputs the scan data instantly.

With a single-frame precision of up to 0.1mm and a point distance of up to 0.3mm, the RANGE’s new dual IR cameras with aspheric lenses reduce image aberrations and ensure that the micro-structured infrared light evenly reaches the sensors. Capturing an object’s details and key features accurately makes RANGE a powerful tool for reverse engineering, interior design, VR/AR model creation, and many more applications.

Total handheld scanning freedom for big objects with the handle’s built-in power bank can power the RANGE for up to 2 hours. With the Power Bank Handle and smartphone holder, you don’t need to worry about cables restricting or getting in the way of your movement. And with the inclusion of the detachable tripod for the grip, the RANGE can seamlessly swap between being used as a turntable scanner or a fully portable handheld scanner ready for outdoor scanning[3].

Need color, then no problem. RANGE’s RGB camera can capture an object’s color as you scan, ready to be merged with the 3D model after meshing the data to create accurate fully-colored, nearly lifelike 3D models.

The new Large Turntable has a max load of 200kg, and its rotation speed and direction can be adjusted with a remote controller, making it a powerful tool for assisting in scanning large objects or doing full-body scans.

RANGE comes with a powerful companion app designed for scanning and editing. This software has been in use since our first 3D scanner POP came to market and has continually been updated and improved to deliver better scanning performance and even greater ease of use.

Compatible with Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS[4], Revo Scan is your gateway software for performing 3D scans. Its clear and straightforward UI streamlines your scanning experience. If you’re unsure what a function does, hover your mouse over the icon for a full explanation.

Export your scans in the three most common formats, PLY, OBJ, and STL, which are compatible with all major professional design software, and 3D printers for seamless integration into your workflow.

After you’ve finished the scan, you can edit and refine your 3D model in Revo Scan’s editing suite. It comes with ‘Clip,’ ‘Mesh,’ ‘Simplify,’ ‘Fill Hole,’ and ‘Alignment’ features for adjusting your models and merging multiple scans into one final model.

Whether you’re new to 3D scanning and looking to learn the ropes or a scanning pro wanting to talk shop, you’re welcome to join the Revopoint forums, where you can find tips and tricks, scanning showcases, and many more things that will help you on your 3D scanning journey.

Since its founding in 2014, Revopoint has continually focused on creating high-precision 3D vision technology innovation. Our 75+ employees in the R&D department are at the top of their field in 3D scanning technology, with many of them having PhDs.

And the RANGE is a culmination of this expertise. Entirely developed in-house, the RANGE went through many design iterations and extensive testing by ourselves and our 3D scanning partners to create the optimal scanning experience.

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