Nid d’abeilles 400×400

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37,87 € 90,59 € ACHETER SUR TOMTOP
Score du Deal+1
37,87 € 90,59 € ACHETER SUR TOMTOP

Tableau de travail en nid d’abeilles du graveur laser Zone de travail 400×400
Plate-forme de panneau d’acier à structure métallique avec mesure pour machine à graver au laser CO2/Diode/fibre et compatible avec tous les graveurs au laser Découpage propre Table de dissipation de chaleur rapide pour la sculpture du bois/du bois Éther/Métal/Acrylique

Features Nid d’abeilles 400×400 :

Better Tool for Cutting and Engraving: After using this laser cutting honeycomb table to cut wood, acrylic and other materials, the edges of the wood are neat and clean, not easy to be yellowed by smoke, and you can get a clean cutting work.
Double Protection: Honeycomb board adopts scientific and reasonable honeycomb height design to prevent laser burning workbench or desktop. At the same time, it is equipped with anti-cutting metal protective backing board, which can further protect the desktop from laser damage.
Observable Design: When the laser cuts through wood or acrylic, the metal plate at the bottom of the honeycomb will emit a bright light, which means that the cutting has penetrated. Easier to judge whether cutting through. You don’t need to calculate the number of cuts, just keep repeating cutting until the bottom glows, which means the material has been cut through.
Wide Compatibility: 400*400mm size honeycomb board can be suitable for various mature laser engraving machines. And compatible with Swiitol Laser Engravers C18 PRO\C24 PRO\E6 PRO\E18 PRO\E24 PRO.
High-quality: Made of durable metal, processed by high-precision CNC, solid structure not easy to deform, and high flatness.


Size: 400×400
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Product Thickness: 22mm
Package Weight: 1850g/65.2oz
Packing Size: 445x435x47mm/17.5×17.1×1.8in

Packing List

1 x Honeycomb Panel
1 x 400x400mm metal Desktop Protection Board

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