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100,85 € 199,99 € ACHETER SUR ACEADDITY
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100,85 € 199,99 € ACHETER SUR ACEADDITY

[Black Friday Sale] Aceaddity Flash PLA+ Filament 6KG, 10KG, 20KG Set. Lot de filament PLA+ pour imprimante 3D

Customizing Your Combo Packs

Random Color Combinations:Our 6kg, 10kg, and 20kg combo packs will be assembled with randomly selected colors from our existing stock.

Choosing Your Colors:If you have specific color preferences, please indicate them in the order [Note] section during checkout. Alternatively, contact our support team atsupport@aceaddity.comor via Inbox within 48 hours.

IMPORTANT NOTE:Orders without specific color requests within 48 hours will be assumed to accept a random color combination. Once shipped, color modifications for existing orders are not possible.

Increased Printing Speed

Experience accelerated printing without compromising on quality. Compared to ordinary materials, our high-speed filament enables faster print times, enhancing your productivity.

Unmatched Surface Quality

The advanced formulation of our filament ensures impeccable surface quality, resulting in prints with minimal imperfections.

Sustainable Material

Our cardboard filament is made from recycled cardboard, reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional plastic filaments. By using this filament, you contribute to a more sustainable future for 3D printing.

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