Geeetech Mizar-M

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Geeetech Mizar M Dual Extruder Multi Color 3D Printer, Dual Z Axis, TMC2208 Silent Drivers, Print Volume 255X255X260mm, Double Hotend Group Moduels

Main features Geeetech Mizar-M

【New UI design】with concise and clear interaction, greatly improve user experience;

【Two print head modules 】”Separated Color” and “Gradient Color”, and the structure is designed for quick replacement, which can achieve better “Separate Printing ” and ” Gradient Color Printing”. Compared with the previous generation of multi-color 3D printers, Mizar M with two print head modules can better cope with different multi-color printing needs.

【32-bit silent motherboard】Mizar M motherboard uses mainstream 32-bit MCU, and all motor drivers use TMC2208, which can bring smoother operation and lower operating noise to the printer.

【Large print volume】Mizar M has a print volume of 255*255*260mm;

【Adopt 3.5-inch color touch screen】 which is more convenient to operate than LCD12864 dot matrix screen and knob;

【Dual-drive gear extruder】which can provide a strong extrusion force for the filament, so that the filament will not slip during printing, and the model will not be short of filament.

【Dual Z-axis design】Compared with other manufacturers’ dual Z-axis, Mizar M is equipped with two TMC2208 stepper motor to drive two Z-axis respectively, and each Z-axis has an independent photoelectric limit switch, which can bring better print quality to Mizar M;

【Fully fixed hot bed design】 The hot bed is not easily deformed during use, and can be used for a long time after leveling once with the leveling sensor, without frequent leveling of it.The hot bed build plate uses a combination design of rubber magnet + metal plate + PC film. Compared with the PEI-coated build plate, the model is more firmly attached and can be easily removed by bending the build plate.

【Automatic hot bed leveling】Mizar M is equipped with standard 3D-Touch leveling sensor, and there is no need to purchase additional leveling sensor;

【 belt tensioners for X/Y axis】users can adjust the belt tension easily and quickly.

【an LED near the nozzle】which allows users to easily observe the operating status of the nozzle.

【Filament Cut Detection】Mizar M will automatically suspend printing when filament is broken during printing, which can effectively avoid the waste of filament and time caused by abnormal conditions such as filament broken and used up;

【Break-Resuming Capability】Mizar M supports Break-Resuming Capability, which can prevent printing problems caused by accidental power failure;

【Strict Testing】Key components will be strictly tested before leaving the factory, and technical support will be provided;


Main specification Geeetech Mizar-M

Printing Thickness0.1-0.2mm
Printing MaterialsPLA,ABS, PETG
Printing Volume255*255*260mm
Auto-levelingComplimentary 3D Touch Leveling Sensor
Break-Resuming CapabilityYes
Hotbed Heating Time(110℃)11min
Nozzle Diameter (mm)0.4
The Nozzle Number1
Positional AccuracyX axis: 0.011mmY axis: 0.011mmZ axis: 0.0025mm
Printing Accuracy±0.1mm
Printing Speed20~150mm/S
Display3.5-inch Color Touch Screen
SlicerRepetier-Host, EasyPrint Lite, Cura
Printing File format.Gcode
Hotbed Max Temperature110℃
Nozzle Max Temperature250℃
Working temperature10-40℃

Electric Parameter

Power Input115/230V AC, 50/60Hz
Power SupplyDC24V-15A Max, 350W
Port1*TF, 1*USB 

Mechanical Parameter

Hotbed Size260*260mm
Net Weight10.2kg 
Gross Weight13kg
Machine Size400(W)*465(L)*484(H)mm
Package Size522(L)*482(W)*285(H)mm
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