Filament ABS Low Warping RepRapper

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Reprapper Low Warping ABS 3D Printer Filament & 3D Pen 1.75 mm (+/- 0.03 mm) 1 kg MABS Modified ABS Filament

À propos de cet article

  • Low warping – Modified ABS (MABS) is formulated to have less warping than standard ABS making easier to get successful prints in domestic printers. The odor when printed is lower that of standard ABS.
RepRaper ABS Low Warping

Descriptif technique

Numéro du modèle‎REP-MABS-1.75MM-1KG-BLACK
Dimensions du colis‎21.1 x 20.7 x 8 cm; 1 kilogrammes
Type de matériau‎Acrylonitrile butadiène styrène
Taille‎1 kg (2.2 lbs)
Modèle fabricant‎REP-MABS-1.75MM-1KG-BLACK
Poids de l’article‎1 kg

Reprapper Tech, a 3D printing filament manufacturer with 10 years of experience

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About our company

Since 2012, Reprapper Tech Co. has been producing high-quality 3D printing filaments, sold under our brand and third parties. Nowadays, we are an established filament manufacturer with the experience, the team, and the technology to produce 3D printing consumables that fulfill all your needs.

sliver silkgold silkpink silkrainbow silk
pink silkSILK PLA filament for FDM/FFF 3D printingPolylactic acid with additives to make it shinyblue silk
Silk PLA is a commercial name given to PLA blends that are formulated to be very shiny making it a great choice to print decorative and display models. 3D printed parts will have a mesmerizing shine that looks metallic or pearlescent. Being PLA-based, Silk PLA keeps most of the advantages of PLA: compatibility, ease to print, no warping, safe and odorless, etc. However, in terms of mechanical performance Silk PLA is weaker than PLA making it not suitable for all applications.Printing Tips and SettingsSilk PLA printing settings are similar to PLA so in general, is a very easy and forgiving material. However, we need to take into count that Silk PLA is weaker, so we should take this into count when slicing our models. We can increase the shells and the infill of our parts to make them stronger. We need to be careful when removing the parts from the build surface, to avoid breaking the model. Silk PLA sticks very well to the surface, so don’t use any adhesion helper such as glue or hairspray
+ Mesmerizing pearlescent shine effect+ Easy to get successful prints even for the beginner+ Can print highly detailed models+ No warping effect, so can print big models+ Safe and doesn’t emit an unpleasant odor when printed+Environmental and made from plants- Comparatively more brittle and weaker than standard PLALow heat resistance and not very suitable for post-processingHot-End Temp: 180°C – 200°CHeated-Bed Temp: 40°CRetraction settings (Direct extruder): 1.5mm & 40mm/sRetraction settings (Bowden extruder): 4mm & 40mm/s

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