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1359,00 € 1580,07 € ACHETER SUR TOMTOP

DAJA S4 20W Laser Engraver Clndustrial Grade Laser Carving Machine 200x200mm Engrave Area 10000mm/s Speed Engraving All-Metals Copper Stainless Steel Jewelry for Home DIY Industrial Batch Production

20W lndustrial Grade Laser: Using solid-state pulse laser, using Q-regulation technology to obtain a peak power of 15KW 1064nm pulse laser output, support engraving all metals such as aluminium. acrylic, carbon steel, gold, painted metal, most of the plastic, marking faster and finer.
Excellent Engrave Performance: The integrated oscillator design, with the field mirror can be 10000mm /s fast marking, small size can also give full play to the performance of the pulse laser. And the S4 has a spot accuracy of up to 0.001mm to achieve high precision marking.
Fast & Accurate Positioning: Dual red light focus; Add intelligent red light fixed focus function, electric focus to say goodbye to the traditional way of hand-cranked focus adjustment.
Manual & Precise Focus: Adopt high-precision screw control bracket lift, manual adjustment axis, can lift the lens according to the actual situation, to achieve better marking effect.
Safe Protection: Design with button switch. Press it to stop the operation immediately, Touch it again to open it.
Strong Compatibility: You can edit pictures, vector images, barcodes, two-dimensional code engraving and serial numbers in the software. And automatic skip code function, etc., to meet your various carving needs.

Laser power: 20W
Ambient temperature: -10℃-65℃
Repetition accuracy: ≤0.001mm
Engrave Depth:0.015-0.2mm
Engrave Accuracy: ≤0.001mm
Engrave Speed: ≤10000mm/s
Cooling: Built-in fan
Laser wavelength: 1064nm
Engrave Area: 11x11cm, 15x15cm, 20x20cm
Marking line width: 0.001-0.05mm
Support Formats: PLT,DXT, BMP…
Support System: Win7/10/XP
Product Size: 28x33x42cm (L*W*H)
Product Weight: 11.5kg/25.3lb
Packing Size: 56.5x46x32cm/22.2×18.1×12.5in
Packing Weight: 17kg/37.4lb

Packing List:
1 x Laser Engraver Kit

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