Artillery Sidewinder X4 Plus

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325,65 € 499,00 € ACHETER SUR BANGGOOD
Score du Deal+1
325,65 € 499,00 € ACHETER SUR BANGGOOD

Imprimante 3D Artillery Sidewinder X4 Plus, volume d’impression 300*300*400mm, Advanced Klipper Firmware, Maximum 500mm/s printing speed

· Printing Size – 300*300*400mm
· Fast 3D Printing – Maximum  500mm/s
· Wide range of Supported Materials
· Advanced Klipper Firmware


Main Features

All Metal Linear Rails

Upgraded Structure For Better Stability & Durability

Having carriage slides containing ball bearings on the X and Y axis, this superior linear rail structure offers the Artillery SW-X4 Plus greater precision, better mounting, and smoother motion, ensuring an amazing quality of your final build under high-speed 3D printing.

Larger Build Volume

Unlock Greater Creation

300*300*400mm large print size. Adequate space for larger models printing or batch printing in one go with efficiency.

4.3 inch Touch Screen

Klipper Firmware Pre-Installed

Embedded with a quiet Klipper motherboard and ARM 64-bit 1.5 GHZ main frequency quad-core high performance processor, the Sidewinder X4 PLUS presents you with a fast printing experience of up to 500mm/s(Default 300mm/s) and up to 10000mm/s² acceleration.

10X Faster No Loss in Quality

Alt image

Pressure Advance & Input Shaping

Advanced features like Input Shaping and Pressure Advance ensure high speed printing in excellent quality by minimizing printer vibration and shaking.

Alt image

Wide range of supported materials

All Metal Dual Gear

Direct Drive Extruder

Artillery Self Developed all-metal direct drive extruder with dual gear set, provides the Sidewinder X4 PLUS with a higher drive ratio and a lighter motor, making extrusion more accurate and printing flexible materials easier.

300°C All Metal Hotend

The upgraded all metal hotend with large melting zone ensures the capability of high-temp 3D printing. Unlocking more 3D printing application by meeting your need for printing strong materials like Nylon, ABS, Carbon Fiber, ASA, PC, etc.

Efficient 3D printing experience at your fingertips

Always Handy Way of Printing

The SW-X4 PLUS can print via USB drive, or data-secure LAN. The embedded WIFI module allows for faster pairing and a more stable connection, making it a simple and reliable way of remote printing and monitoring your print farm.

Easy to Get Started

The high precision inductive sensor collects deviation data at 121 points of the bed automatically and compensates the uneveness of the hotbed. Fast and quite detection helps you get a fantastic first layer easily.

Uninterrupted Precision

The resume printing function enables the SW-X4 PLUS to restart printing easily and perfectly from where it left off even after pause printing or a power outage.

The SW-X4 PLUS omes with 98% pre-assembled, easy five steps to set up. 


Printing Technology


Build Volume

300*300*400 cm (L*W*H)

Product Dimensions


Net Weight

15.5 kg

Typical Printing Speed


Max Printing Speed


Max Acceleration


Printing Accuracy


Printer Frame

Robust All Metal Design

Filament Diameter


Nozzle Temp


Hotbed Temp


Build Surface

Dual Sided Textured Magnetic PEI Plate

UI Language

Support English, German, Chinese

File Transfer

USB Drive, Wifi


All Metal Dual Gear Direct Drive

Levelling Mode

121 Point Auto Levelling

Display Screen

4.3 inch Touchscreen

Print File Format


Resume Printing


Rated Power


Rated Voltage


Slicing Software

Artillery Slicer, Cura

Support Filament


Input Shaping

Yes (Preset in Factory)

Pressure Advanced

Yes (Preset in Factory)

Dual Support Rods


Auto Clean Nozzle


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